We’ve come to a point in our relationship with photography where it might be time to reconsider how we approach the entire creative process. We’ve been told for a very long time that a camera should be an extension of our bodies and by all means, this is something that should become second nature. It’s a no-brainer that if you want…

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  • Dark centers of chromosomes reveal ancient DNA

    Centromeres sit in the middle of chromosomes, the pinched-in “waist” in the image of a chromosome from a biology textbook. The centromere anchors the fibers that pull chromosomes apart when cells divide, which means they are really important for understanding what happens when cell division goes wrong, leading to cancer or genetic defects. But the DNA of centromeres contains lots…

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  • Scientists just debunked a major myth about heirloom wheat

    Wheat is stronger than you’re giving it credit for—that’s the message of a comprehensive new study from German and Australian researchers. They looked at the most common wheat cultivars and found that, contrary to popular perception, selective breeding has made them stronger, not weaker. Study author Rod Snowdon, a professor of plant breeding at Justus Liebig University in Germany, says the work…

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  • Some trees can make droughts worse

    When budgets get tight, some people get thrifty and others get spending. Turns out, trees are much the same: while certain plants handle hot and dry spells by being frugal about their water usage, others ramp up the amount of moisture they suck out of soil and release into the air. This can actually make droughts more intense, according to…

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